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A look at the capital of the island of Faial, Horta. This picture was taken on the ferry that took us from Madalena on the Island of Pico to Horta. A closer look at picturesque Horta. A look from the harbour of Horta accross the channel to the cone of Pico. A look into the Caldera of the volcano that gives its name to the island. The Caldera is now nice and green, but once upon a time there was hot lava. Another look into the Caldero do Faial. The crater is 400m deep and has a diameter of 1450m. The port of Horta is a very popular stop for yachts that cross the Atlantic. It is tradition that when visiting by ship you leave a painting on the harbour dam. The paintings range from very basic to pieces of art. I have not counted the paintings, but there must be thousands. Another view of Horta Harbour and Pico. The lighthouse of Capalinhos, that is now buried by a thick layar of ash. This happened during the eruptions in 1957/58 of a nearby volcano that rose out of the sea and added 2km2 to Faial. A look at Horta from Punta de Espalamaca.
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